Build a Healthcare Engagement Application

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Building a new application can be a daunting task, especially when you want to ensure that your patients receive the best experience possible. A healthcare services app should have everything a patient needs in one place, that way it is quick and easy for them to get the best care available.

When it comes to making sure patients have all the tools they need to keep themselves and their families healthy, Enlyt Health provides its customers with necessary components and architecture to pull in software development kits (SDKs) to assist in streamlining the application building process. These kits provide a basis of code and resources for developers to build off of and make their own.

Essential Tools

When it comes to creating an effective healthcare services app, there are a number of critical components that should be included. It should contain features for patient engagement, as well as tools for managing the app and collecting data. Some examples of these are electronic health records (EHR), customer relationship management (CRM), content management systems (CMS), and telehealth services, to name a few.

Some of these components are being prebuilt by Enlyt Health, however, some will be implemented by customers themselves (or with an implementation partner) during the build process. One example of this is MyChart, which a number of customers have already experienced success with.

A Blank Canvas

By having the critical data and functionality of MyChart as a starting point, there are endless possibilities for how your app can grow. By using platform and components provided by Enlyt Health, 60% of your app is completed by day one. This means that creation can begin at the point of making something unique that meets your patients’ needs. It is a blank canvas which has been prepared specifically for your innovation when it comes to creating a helpful and engaging platform for patients.