Market to your patients!

Building a new application can be a daunting task, especially when you want to ensure that your patients receive the best experience possible. A healthcare services app should have everything a patient needs in one place, that way it is quick and easy for them to get the best care available. When it comes to… Read more »

Take back the control

One of the reasons customers come to Enlyt Health is because they want to create a healthcare services app that will truly meet their patients’ needs. Part of this is being able to have everything in one place, creating a single pane of glass experience for the end user. By utilizing the Enlyt Health platform… Read more »

Stop Confusing Patients!

When it comes to our health or the well-being of a loved one, we want things to be as straightforward as possible. Having to use multiple apps to access the healthcare information and services that patients need can be confusing and time consuming. That’s why at Enlyt Health we want to provide a platform for… Read more »

Own the Patient Relationship!

When it comes to patient health, we want things to be as transparent as possible. In times of injury or sickness a patient shouldn’t have to be confused about where to find their information or how to contact their healthcare provider. At Enlyt Health, our goal is to provide customers with the means to create… Read more »

Health System Digital Front Door

Healthcare providers and patients alike have been looking for an app that consolidates all of their needs into a single experience. Because of what is available on the market today, users must maintain multiple platforms in order to receive the full spectrum of care, balancing different apps for services like electronic health records (EHRs) and… Read more »

Eliminating Silos

When patients move their healthcare online, finding the apps they need within the current market can quickly become overwhelming. One app may provide telehealth sessions, but another is required for accessing clinical information and communicating with doctors about prescriptions. It then requires a completely different app to access content about changing behaviors and diets based… Read more »

Drop MyChart into Enlyt Health

When it comes to using the Enlyt Health platform, many customers want to know how to implement MyChart capabilities.  Providing electronic health records (EHRs) to patients is an essential component of a successful healthcare services app, allowing users to have access to their information no matter where they are. So far, a number of our… Read more »

Digital Front Door Strategy with MyChart

When customers come to Enlyt Health looking to create an all access healthcare application, many of them want to know about MyChart. At the moment, MyChart functions as a reliable way for patients to access their electronic health records (EHRs). When it comes to building a healthcare app, EHRs are an essential part of meeting… Read more »

Controlling Your Patient Narrative

When it comes to providing patients with mobile healthcare services, many companies are limited to simply what is available on the market today. This means sending patients to multiple different apps just to get the full spectrum of care that they need. Often healthcare providers are at the mercy of EHR, as these essential tools… Read more »