Are you driving your patient experience?

Customers come to Enlyt Health because they want to offer their patients access to mobile healthcare in a way that isn’t available in the app store today. Often patients have to balance multiple healthcare applications at once in order to receive the full range of care. Through our platform, customers can create a user experience… Read more »

What Team Members Do I Need!

When customers partner with Enlyt Health they are starting with an app that is already 60% complete. Through the use of our software development kits (SDKs) and toolsets clients have access to a strong base code for a high-quality healthcare services app. However, a team of developers is still needed in order to drop this… Read more »

Technical Pillars of Enlyt Health

One reason customers are partnering with Enlyt Health is because our point and click method takes away the expectation for developers to code everything by hand. By being able to drop base code directly into the platform, some customers are launching fully functioning apps in as few as 90 days. Part of this code comes… Read more »

Source Code Tools & Best Practice

At Enlyt Health, we understand that there is a huge gap in the mobile healthcare market. Patients are stressed out trying to balance multiple applications just to get the care they need and are looking for an app that can act as their digital front door. This is why Enlyt Health has made it their… Read more »

Secure Login & Authentication

At Enlyt Health, we don’t want customers to think that their only option for creating a healthcare services app is to spend months coding everything by hand. This is why our platform is built not only to make dropping in software development kits (SDKs) easy, but it also provides a number of toolsets that are… Read more »

Push Notifications and Analytics Tracking

When it comes to meeting patients’ mobile needs, more and more healthcare organizations are finding it beneficial to provide users with their own application. At Enlyt Health, we have created a platform where customers can build, design, and test their healthcare services app. Our goal is to offer clients a space where everything they need… Read more »

Point Solution vs Platform

When it comes to supplying patients with a mobile healthcare app, customers must decide if they want to simply buy a pre-packaged application from off the shelf or if they want to partner with a mobile platform as a service (PaaS). While there are pros and cons to each purchase, there are certain capabilities that… Read more »

Using MyChart with Enlyt Health

At Enlyt Health, we understand that when creating a healthcare services app, being able to provide customers with access to electronic health records (EHR) is absolutely essential. At the moment, our platform is currently leveraging this functionality through MyChart. However, we believe that an effective healthcare services app gives patients access to everything they need… Read more »

How Implementation with Enlyt Health works

When using Enlyt Health to help create a healthcare services app that fits your patients’ needs, 60% of the building process is already done for you. This is because our platform supplies customers with the components and architecture they need to plug in essential tools such as electronic health records (EHR), telehealth, wayfinding, and much… Read more »

Enlyt Health Lite

Enlyt Health has released a “Lite” version of our product! Lite offer Providers a chance to get quick access to Enlyt Health’s Telehealth offering!