Quit spending money on antiquated technology!

Health systems, like many others, are living with using antiquated, aged, slow, unfriendly technology that is hurting them on a daily basis. The users of your patient engagement platforms, portals, apps, etc… expect a modern look and feel, an easy to use interface, and features that will make their lives easier!  

Dynamic Health Forms Made Available on your Patient Engagement App

The ability to collect and harvest data before a Patient is in the waiting room is now available! Solicit feedback pre/post appointment. Medication Therapy Management, DSA’s, Intake forms all dynamic and direct in Salesforce to serve up in your Patient Engagement app!

Speed to Market Perfected!

Perfecting the art & science of delivering web and mobile connected back to Salesforce and Health Cloud. Enlyt Health provides code (60 – 70% iOS/Android/Web completed), workflow, and tool set to improve and speed the deployment process.

Knocking down silos with integration!

The new era of Patient Engagement requires us to knock down silo’s of data! Integration for Enlyt Health is the fundamental bedrock of the entire strategy.

Enlyt Health Status Tracking

As a managed service and platform that allows you to identity, code, and deployments all based on building a unique Patient Engagement experience – we provide easy insight into the health of the Enlyt platform. Visit status.enlyhealth.com to see full status!

Enlyt Health Admin Portal

Taking a look at the Enlyt Health Admin tool – when you license Enlyt Health you receive the latest pre-baked code which allows you to rapidly deploy your new application!