Enlyt Health Announces Enlyt Shine – the Future of Patient Wellness & Engagement

Enlyt Shine LogoThe path to better health just got more efficient with Enlyt Shine now available for Payers & Providers. Over 150 Million in the US and 1.7 Billion people globally are affected by chronic conditions. Enlyt Shine’s e-learning health platform offers definitive and comprehensive support from the world’s most renowned experts following a critical diagnosis.

“I am thrilled to announce the launch of Enlyt Shine alongside my good friend Mike McGraw. Shine is the latest platform innovation delivering highly specialized care journeys that leverage custom content created by the world’s leading physicians, gamification, and an accountability structure that focuses on one thing – Optimal healthcare outcomes!” said Scott Fielder, Enlyt Shine’s Co-Founder. “With the addition of Enlyt Shine, Enlyt is the only member and patient access platform delivering an entire front to back suite of tools pre-connected to EHRs, Telehealth, Wayfinding, CRM, CMS, etc… and ready to transform the ways healthcare providers and payers develop long lasting and trusting relationships with their patients. I am so proud to serve alongside my teams in delivering Shine and our focus shining the light of hope and truth into users’ health journeys.”

Patients lack supportive wellness strategies from their healthcare providers. Enlyt Shine, in partnership with world-renown doctors and scientists, create category-specific masterclasses to support an array of treatment plans. Find out more about the problems we are solving with Enlyt Shine: https://enlythealth.com/shine-by-enlyt