Enlyt Health Announces Healthcare Engagement v2.0 Release

Post Feature Enlyt2 0ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., June 30, 2022 – Enlyt Health, the leading Low-Code Platform as a Service for Healthcare, announced that it has released a new version – Enlyt Health v2.0 –  as well as offering an “at no cost” access to an Enlyt Health Sandbox – which can be found here: https://enlythealth.com/sandbox/.

“Having the ability to quickly and easily connect to Health records and other third-party tools is providing quick ROI to Health Systems of all sizes; that is what we want to provide,” said Scott Fielder, Enlyt Health’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. “With Enlyt Health v2.0 in the wild, we believe these innovations and enhancements will bring immediate business value to our customers as well as improve patient access – which as we know is what the patients want.”

New Features Include:

  • Epic EHR Appointment Management – Tailor the experience for patients around appointment management, including: Upcoming and Past Appointments, Scheduling New Appointments, Rescheduling and Canceling Upcoming Appointments.
  • Epic EHR Health information – Personalize the experience for patient Referrals, Test Results, Medications, Immunizations, Allergies, Health Issues, Procedures, Social History, Family History, Care Plan, Access clinical notes for past appointments, Account information


  • Extensible API Development Tools – Ability to develop and extend APIs to third-party systems or leverage the native data tools on the Enlyt Platform
  • On-Demand FREE Sandbox – Creating a new healthcare experience is now much quicker with improved automated tenant creation and process for applying changes on a tenant level, as well as improved backward compatibility during critical updates.
  • More administrative control with Mission Control – Improved developer experience with the new application build management feature to allow developers to rebuild applications and see build status.