Own the Patient Relationship

Post Entry Patient Relationship

When it comes to patient health, we want things to be as transparent as possible. In times of injury or sickness a patient shouldn’t have to be confused about where to find their information or how to contact their healthcare provider. At Enlyt Health, our goal is to provide customers with the means to create a healthcare services app that has everything their patients need in one place. By providing this healthcare engagement, single pane of glass experience, customers can see patient engagement grow as their worries diminish.

An Adaptable Platform

One thing that Enlyt Health brings to the table is a highly scalable and flexible platform. We want customers to be able to provide their patients with exactly what they need, whether that’s up-to-date electronic health records (EHR), easy access to telehealth services, or any other number of components that can be found within our toolsets or plugged in through the use of software development kits (SDKs). By providing these assets all in one app, customers can streamline the user experience and cut down on patients’ stress and confusion.

Another benefit of the Enlyt Health platform is the ability to pull in components of applications like Salesforce, which provide customer relationship management services (CRM). This gives customers access to marketing automation capabilities and analytics right at their fingertips.

Consolidation is Key

When it comes to using the Enlyt Health platform, it’s up to customers to decide how they want to interact with their patients. By providing access to the building blocks of a high-quality healthcare services app, Enlyt Health opens the door for developer creativity when it comes to meeting patients’ needs. Being able to focus on consolidating software and tools into a singular experience cuts down on patient confusion and stress by providing users with a healthcare engagement to all their healthcare needs. By designing with end users in mind, customers can truly own the patient relationship.