Take back the control

Post Entry Take Back Control

One of the reasons customers come to Enlyt Health is because they want to create a healthcare services app that will truly meet their patients’ needs. Part of this is being able to have everything in one place, creating a single pane of glass experience for the end user. By utilizing the Enlyt Health platform and the various toolkits they provide, customers can also pull in additional SDKs that allow them to truly own the patient experience and the patient persona.

Integrating EHR

An essential part of building a healthcare services app that promotes patient engagement is the ability to provide access to electronic health records (EHR). By creating this availability to consumers, providing patient care becomes more efficient, accurate, and reliable. The sharing of information between patients and other healthcare workers also becomes more secure and reduces errors.

One way of creating access to EHRs is to leverage MyChart through Epic. Customers that do will receive SDKs that can be dropped directly into the Enlyt Health platform.

Additional Tools

On top of providing EHR capabilities, Enlyt Health also has multiple other tools at their customers’ disposal that are already plugged in to the platform. Some examples of these are customer relationship management (CRM) and telehealth toolsets, along with wayfinding capabilities, among other things.

By having access to all of these tools it becomes easy to provide a consolidated experience for patients. Part of Enlyt Health’s mission is to assist in creating apps that have everything a user could need in one place. This helps to not only increase patient engagement, but also enhance the overall user experience.

By providing customers with the basic tools for building a high-quality healthcare services app, this opens the door for developers to create a product that is centered around the needs of their patients. This allows for directed self-servicing and marketing to take place, and for customers to take control when it comes to turning their vision into a reality.