Digital Front Door

Provide Modern Technology to Patients

Patients expect an easy to use seamless experience to track their healthcare journey. Enlyt Health provides an experience tying together the best of a multitude of technologies and features! From Location and Physician finding to Telehealth, Scheduling and everything in between…We pride ourselves on giving the true Digital Front Door Experience!

Improve Speed and Accuracy for Home Health Visits

Increase quality of care for Home Health visits with Enlyt Health – Improved Intake, Scheduling, Clinical, Financial, Messages, Notification, Reports and Dashboards – streamline workflow, meet comprehensive regulatory requirements, improve quality of care, optimize reimbursement, and bring operational efficiency to every visit.

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Enlyt Health is built to engage patients through their mobile device (iOS & Android), web, and text in order to make it easy to stay informed and engaged in their healthcare journey!

Assist Patients at first sign of symptoms!

Enlyt Health provides an ideal set of tools for patients to determine the level of symptoms and the steps they should take to improve their situation.

Define your process!

Patient app > Triage > Symptom Check > Intake > etc…

Collect patient data, give health advice, triage your patients, or support medical staff. Using Enlyt Health provides unique process to be defined seamlessly! Build your unique experience with the right tools from the start.

Improve Patient flow!

Using Enlyt Health, you’re ability to identify patients who can self treat, patients who qualify for telehealth, patients who need urgent care, or patients who should schedule in office visit is made simple!

Every Interaction is an Opportunity!!

With Enlyt Health, you’re providing the Digital Front door direct in the hands of patients. Improve compliance and loyalty using best in class modern tools so patients don’t get left behind. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible to coordinate your digital business strategy with the patient patient journey.

Built to Engage Everyone…wherever, whenever

  • Self-schedule
  • Pre Register & Check-In
  • Schedule, Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule
  • Make Payments
  • Receive Reminder


Hospitals & Health Systems

The digital front door that is provided with Enlyt Health is designed to reduce no-shows, consolidate vendors, improve operations, collect patient payment faster, and ensure patient adherence.

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We would love to give a live demo!