Home Health

Deliver Superior Care on all Devices

Seamless user experience across multiple channels providing the highest quality of care for patients.

Users have access to core features regardless of device

iOS , Android, Tablet or Laptop… Same great feature set

• Scheduling
• Time Management
• Charting
• Clinical Documentation
• Offline Capability
• Home Health Assessments and more!

The Home Health experience is taken to the next level with Enlyt Health!


The convenience of a virtual doctor on your smartphone, tablet, or computer at any time!

Enlyt Health provides a true end to end Patient Engagement experience – which includes best in class Telehealth service! Connect seamlessly with patients as often as required. Start understanding how your patients are doing between visits and on demand.

The Enlyt Telehealth experience is built to limit clicks, create and easy-to-use user interface and get patients the answers without any struggle. Schedule, cancel, reschedule, etc.. directly in app all in one place!

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Enlyt Health is built to engage patients through their mobile device (iOS & Android), web, and text in order to make it easy to stay informed and engaged in their healthcare journey!