Pharmacy Engagement

A Modern Experience

As the world becomes more digital in the way it communicates and gathers information, specialty pharmacy patients are no exception. Digital experiences are a key to engaging a modern audience.

Enlyt Health provides specialty pharmacies a digital strategy to improve patient communication, therapy education, and overall outcomes.Patients need stronger education and engagement to enhance outcomes, and technology is a critical channel to bridge the gaps.

Redefining Patient Engagement for Specialty Pharmacy Patients

Enlyt Health has been at the forefront of reinventing the way patients interact with their Pharmacy. Patients now have the ability to view and access their medical data and much more including:

• Medication doing and refill reminder
• Making updaes to mediation history, allergies, or diagnosis
• Update and track payment & insurance information
• Live Chat Support
• Optional alerts for caregivers and more!

Enlyt Health Platform app
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Enlyt Health provides key features that give patients ability to have direct communication in-app. The goal is to increase patient adherence and knowledge!

Added benefits to pharmacy team

Dynamic Dashboards for Monitoring KPI’s

The application pulls data from Salesforce and other integrated data sources to provide custom dashboards tailored to the current user.